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Since 1979 IDENTIC AB develops and supplies products, systems and services for daily service and depot management of heavy duty vehicles. The company's core business consist of cost effective and environmentally safe distribution, storage and spill-free refilling of fuels and chemicals.

IDENTIC is market leading and has helped many customers with vehicle fleets to develop more effective depot operations and lowered costs. The majority of customers are owners and operators of heavy vehicles, especially buses but also trucks, ships and trains organised in larger units (fleets). For example, about 75% of all buses involved in public transport in Sweden are equipped with IDENTIC´s technology for spill-free refuelling. The company´s products and systems are installed in a number of countries around the world.

The company's products and services have been developed and supplemented to meet customers' new needs and requirements, for example the possibility to buy or rent products.

Identic's product and service range consists of:

  • Spill-free handling of fuels and chemicals
  • Automatic identification and information exchange to and from vehicle and depot
  • Level control and leak control in fuel and chemical tanks, including alarm functions for automatic order generation, as well as temperature measurement
  • Complete IT-based depot systems, for processing and reporting of vehicle and service data
  • Planning, installation, service and support of depot facilities
  • Development projects for the vehicle-, petrolium- and chemical industries.

IDENTIC is also a reseller for Banlaw.

IDENTIC AB, Box 143, 186 23 Vallentuna, Sweden. Tel: +46 8  409 120 00, e-mail:

We have made a separate website for our NOV/Ameron/Bondstrand pipe operation. You can access it by clicking the image below.



Latest News

2019-03-22 IDENTIC wins contract for bus depot in Uppsala  IDENTIC have signed an agreement to supply systems to HENT...


2018-08-20 New IDENTIC CE10 lane terminal introduced  IDENTIC has introduced its all new CE10 refuelling lane terminal…


2017-05-14 IDENTIC appoints Cameron Forecourt as new distributor in UK  Cameron Forecourt is the UK’s leading fuel management systems specialist…


2017-02-14 IDENTIC appoints NPS as new distributor in Denmark


2016-09-21 Visit us at Persontrafik 2016 in Gothenburg, the Nordic meeting place for everyone involved in public transport


2015-10-20 Anders Hedgren moves to the position as Managing Director of IDENTIC Holding AB. Richard Holt takes over as Managing Director of IDENTIC AB


2015-03-30 IDENTIC secure Logent Ports & Terminals’ functionality at port terminal


2014-04-07 IDENTIC get new phone numbers


2014-02-04 IDENTIC greets Andrew Westberg warm welcome to the position of Sales and Marketing Director.


2014-01-02 Website updated with information saying that IDENTIC resells for Banlaw 


2013-12-02 IDENTIC launches new homepage

IDENTIC launching a new website , by that becoming the offer in focus and clarified, while its content is better structured and this means easier for visitors to find the information sought, both in swedish and english sides.


2013-11-26 IDENTIC gets a new CFO

Anders Hedgren takes over as Managing Director at IDENTIC AB. Robert Källberg passes to the post as Technical Director at the company.





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