IDENTIC complete installation at Skellefteå Bus

IDENTIC has completed the supply and installation of a complete bus refuelling system for Skellefteå Bus. Located over 700 km north of Stockholm, Skellefteå is a city in the north of Sweden with a long history of providing first class bus services to the city’s residents. Now the city’s bus company, Skellefteå Bus, has begun operating from its newly built bus depot at Östra Navet, located just to the east of the city centre. IDENTIC was awarded a contract by the main building contractor, Fastec Sweden AB, to supply the complete refuelling system. The contract included a 100,000-litre diesel storage tank including tank gauging, double pump unit and spill-free refuelling lane equipment. The system fully automates the process of vehicle identification and registration of fuel used per bus. The installation in Skellefteå also includes IDENTIC’s Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system for identifying buses at the main entry and exit points. This movement data will be integrated into the Skellefteå Bus vehicle maintenance software to optimise their operations at this site. The AVI system is also integrated with the oil and fluid distribution system supplied by Alentec Orion. This allows the authorisation process to be automated, ensuring the data accuracy of the volumes used.

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Richard Holt – Managing Director,
Telephone: +46 8 409 120 00