IDENTIC Group is a leading company with proprietary products, systems and services for daily service and depot management of large fleets of vehicles. Our solutions are gathered under a concept called IDS - Intelligent Depot System.


IDENTIC´s Intelligent Depot System - Videopresentation

Our offer

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Intelligent Depot System - IDS

IDENTIC's automated services increase the cost efficiency, improve safety and allows for optimal depot management. See the film about IDENTIC IDS.


IDENTIC´s Spill Free Refuelling.jpg

Professional refuelling of fuels

Automatic, spill-free and secure refuelling of fuels.


IDENTIC´s Spill Free AdBlue System.jpg

Professional refilling of AdBlue/DEF

Automatic, spill-free and secure refilling of AdBlue/DEF.

See the film about AdBlue.


IDENTIC´s Vehicle Identification System.jpg

Vehicle identification and collection of vehicle data

Automated system for secure identification of vehicles and collection of vehicle data.


IDENTIC´s Management Tool.jpg

Program for effective administration of depot operations

A modular program package for effective handling and analysis of data from depot operations.


IDENTIC´s Mobil Refuelling System.jpg

Mobile refuelling system

IDENTIC's mobile and scalable refuelling system offers a reliable, flexible and cost effective storage and refuelling solution.




























IDENTIC AB, Box 143, 186 23 Vallentuna, Sweden. Tel: +46 8  409 120 00, e-mail:

We have made a separate website for our Ameron/Bondstrand pipe operation. You can access it by clicking the image below.



Latest News


2017-05-14 IDENTIC appoints Cameron Forecourt as new distributor in UK Cameron Forecourt is the UK’s leading fuel management systems specialist…


2017-02-14 IDENTIC appoints NPS as new distributor in Denmark


2016-09-21 Visit us at Persontrafik 2016 in Gothenburg, the Nordic meeting place for everyone involved in public transport


2015-10-20 Anders Hedgren moves to the position as Managing Director of IDENTIC Holding AB. Richard Holt takes over as Managing Director of IDENTIC AB


2015-03-30 IDENTIC secure Logent Ports & Terminals’ functionality at port terminal


2014-04-07 IDENTIC get new phone numbers


2014-02-04 IDENTIC greets Andrew Westberg warm welcome to the position of Sales and Marketing Director.


2014-01-02 Website updated with information saying that IDENTIC resells for Banlaw 


2013-12-02 IDENTIC launches new homepage

IDENTIC launching a new website , by that becoming the offer in focus and clarified, while its content is better structured and this means easier for visitors to find the information sought, both in swedish and english sides.


2013-11-26 IDENTIC gets a new CFO

Anders Hedgren takes over as Managing Director at IDENTIC AB. Robert Källberg passes to the post as Technical Director at the company.





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