New IDENTIC CE10 lane terminal introduced

IDENTIC has introduced its all new CE10 refuelling lane terminal. Several CE10 terminals have been installed at locations in Sweden and their performance has been closely monitored by our engineers. These terminals have proven highly reliable and have been well received by the sites.

IDENTIC’s CE10 refuelling lane terminal is designed for bus and commercial fleet operators who require the automated recording of multiple products during the daily servicing of their fleet. The CE10 controls all aspects of the refilling lane, including IDENTIC’s spill-free vehicle refilling (SVR) systems for fuels and chemicals and the Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system, which automates the identification and authorisation of vehicles. Its advanced features and capabilities make it the natural choice for a modern multi-product refilling environment.

The CE10 interfaces seamlessly with ID Link Cloud services ensuring all transaction data is reliably and immediately available to users throughout the enterprise. The internet connectivity also provides unlimited diagnostics capabilities and enables the IDENTIC support team to remotely monitor the terminals performance, ensuring maximum uptime and system availability.

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