Depot Solutions

Reliable, Spill-free Refilling & Vehicle Tracking

Reliable and Flexible Depot Operations

Operational Benefits with an Intelligent Depot

  • Avoid unplanned interruptions in traffic with reliable refilling to correct levels
  • No surveillance needed during refilling allowing the operator to perform other tasks
  • Automated recording of vehicle and refilling data to save work and minimize errors
  • Eliminate fuel spillage and reduce clean-up costs
  • Simplified reconciliation, reporting & follow-up through a cloud-based management software
  • Continuous access to real-time data for all your depots and vehicles

The Intelligent Depot System also provides flexibility and scalability as your operations grow or new fuels are introduced.

The Intelligent Depot System includes solutions for reliable, efficient and spill-free refilling, automatic vehicle identification and access control. 

Reliable Refilling -

Vehicles Ready for Traffic​

The IDENTIC spill-free refilling system is ideal if you want each vehicle leaving the refilling lane ready for service and fully filled up with fuel, wiper fluid, oil and any required additives. There is no need to manually monitor the refilling process or check that the tanks have been correctly filled. Our system takes care of that!

The combination of spill-free refilling and accurate date allows your staff to improve efficiency and complete refilling of the fleet as fast as possible, while dramatically reducing the likelihood of short filling and running out of fuel while on route.

Spill-free Refilling –

Environmental Protection & Workplace Safety​

IDENTIC’s Spill-free Vehicle Refilling system (SVR) automatically fills the vehicle to the optimal level, quickly and without supervision from the operator.

Using a spill-free system avoids fuel spillage which leaves the fuel lane dirty and slippery, is harmful to the environment and can result in costly clean-up operations and impact soil and fresh water supplies. Spill-free refilling contributes to a safer working environment for your staff, reducing the risk of accidents and contact with fuel.

Our range of spill-free nozzles are uniquely suited to each fuel or additive and reduce the risk of contamination entering the tank or cross-filling.

Flexibility and Scalability

Prepare for Change: New Fuels & More Vehicles

The IDENTIC refilling system uses a centralised pump unit to pump fuel to individual nozzles in each filling area. This makes it easier to add additional nozzles when operations grow or new vehicle types are added. When new fuels or vehicles are introduced you can easily add, move or replace existing nozzles without extensive re-works and eliminating downtime.

IDENTIC systems support a wide range of fuels and additives including Diesel, Biodiesel, CNG/CBG, Ethanol, Methanol and AdBlue and we are working to integrate Electric charging systems and Hydrogen to the IDENTIC range.

Automatic Identification –

Automated Access Control and Authorization

Using an automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system, your gate access control can be fully automated. When a bus enters the depot, it can be directed with the help of digital signs to the refilling area, a parking space or to proceed directly to the workshop.

With AVI, authorization for refilling can be set per vehicle and per fuel type as desired. Mileage and fuel consumption are reported automatically. You can access the information at any time through the cloud based management software.

At a large depot, you can also use AVI to quickly locate a specific vehicle within the depot area, saving time and improving the efficiency of your staff.

Cloud Solutions for Simplified Admin & Reporting –

Reliable Real-time Data & Comprehensive Reports

With the IDENTIC ID Link management software, you get access to comprehensive information about your vehicles and fuels across all your depots. All data is recorded automatically by each system and securely transferred to the central database. ID Link is a cloud-based solution, ensuring all the data, events and vehicle movements are accessible in real-time.

Functionality includes:

  • Information on individual vehicles, including mileage, location, entry & exit events
  • Reports on all fuel and fluid types in use
  • Reports per depot, vehicle type, fuel type etc.
  • Administration of users, vehicles, authorisations lists

ID Link helps you identify the most suitable vehicle type for a new contract and makes reporting on fuel use or mileage extremely easy.

Integration with Other Systems

Share Information with Traffic Planning and Maintenance Systems

Information from the ID Link system can be easily shared with other systems within your organisation, such as traffic planning and vehicle maintenance systems using the export function. ID Link Cloud includes Sync Export Services, allowing selected data to be automatically synchronised with other software in real-time. IDENTIC uses the Microsoft Azure® platform and its collection of integrated cloud services to deliver maximum scalability, availability and security for ID Link.

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Industry sectors

IDENTIC delivers depot solutions and services to  wide range of industries, including public transportations buses, trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, trains and boats. Our spill-free solutions are installed on vehicles of all types and sizes and with a range of fuel and media types.

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