Optimize Your Depot Operations

Innovative Refilling Solutions

Efficiency, Reliability and Control

Our solutions make your vehicle depot smarter

With our system installed, vehicle refilling operations run more efficiently, with higher reliability and completely spill-free, allowing you to save money and improve both the environment and workplace safety.

Accurate reporting on fuel usage, reconciliation and fleet monitoring is now easier than ever.

Modular systems include automatic vehicle identification, ensuring data accuracy is assured and manual authorisation is no longer required. AVI also allows access control in and out of the depot to be fully automated.

Our Cloud services ensure all the information about a vehicle’s refilling activities, distance travelled and its location within the depot is available in real-time.

Your Complete Depot Technology Partner

When you become an IDENTIC customer, you get access to over 40 years of experience in depot technology and systems. Being innovators, we’re focused on seeing our solutions implemented and bringing value to your operations.

We are here to help you with planning and design services, installation, maintenance and service contract as well as regulatory inspections. IDENTIC also offers leasing and rental alternatives for both fixed and mobile solutions.

Our depot systems are installed in a wide range of industry sectors, including public transportation buses, heavy-duty vehicles, trains and boats.


Vehicle Systems

Are you working for a vehicle manufacturer? We can help you identify the right components from our extensive range of spill-free refilling systems and then verify your solution – we even develop custom solutions when needed.

For more information about the IDENTIC onboard systems and the services available for vehicle manufacturers go to our Vehicle systems page.

Support & Helpdesk

Do you need to contact us, require support or technical assistance? Our staff are available now to help you.