Achieve your goals quickly and easily with some help from IDENTIC staff.

From Planning to Installation and Service

Get the most out of your depot investment by applying modern depot technology and smart solutions that optimise your daily operations. We can provide input already during the planning stages for your new depot.

Our technicians and partners will assist you with installation, service and regulatory third-party inspections. We offer service contracts tailored to suit your requirements.

IDENTIC’s support staff and helpdesk are available to answer your questions and assist your team to achieve their goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to answer your questions either by phone or by email!

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Designing Your Depot for Optimised Operations

By planning and designing the refilling lanes and systems in ways that simplify daily tasks you can make operations more efficient and less time-consuming.

The smart layout of filling areas saves time and increases the efficiency of your staff, allowing them to manage more vehicles in less time.

By consulting us early on during planning and development of your depot, we can help in the selection and design process. To find out more about consultation and assistance contact us now!

Installation Services

We have experienced and trained installers available to help you with the installation and commissioning of all the IDENTIC Intelligent Depot products and systems. Contact us to schedule your installation and commissioning work.

Moving location? IDENTIC can help with the relocation of systems, tanks and associated equipment, as well as decommissioning and removal of equipment.

Maintenance & Services

IDENTIC provides a range of maintenance services and service contracts tailored to suit your requirements Our technicians and service partners can be booked to attend sites and repair your equipment, getting you up and running as fast as possible.

We also offer preventative maintenance contracts which include regular visits to perform detailed site inspections which can catch problems before they affect the reliability of your operations.

Our service vehicles at fully equipped with all the parts and tools needed to perform repairs and service systems.

Lease or rent a mobile filling station

You can lease or rent a refuelling systems directly from IDENTIC. Our leasing and rental agreement are tailored to your needs and can be provided over the full period of your operational contract.

We supply a range of fixed and mobile systems which can be quickly located where you need, when you need them. If your operations move, a mobile filling station can be re-located to your new site.

Our Leasing contract includes preventative maintenance  while Rental agreements provides a broader range of services in an all-inclusive solution ensuring you don’t need to worry, we take care of the system for you!

Support & Helpdesk

Our Support helpdesk is manned by trained staff who can provide everything from simple answers to your questions to more complex technical support. They can also book service calls if something should go wrong. You can reach us by phone or email:

Phone: +46 8 409 120 99

Regulatory Inspection of Tanks and Systems

IDENTIC is a SWEDAC accredited company (accreditation No. 8274) authorised to perform installation inspections of tanks and piping used for flammable liquids. We carry out inspections and installations in accordance with current regulations from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) regulations MSBFS 2018:3

Read more about regulatory inspections on the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s web site (in Swedish).


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