Vehicle Systems

Vehicle-mounted components and systems for Vehicle Suppliers and End-users.

Spill-free Refilling System

IDENTIC’s Spill-free Vehicle Refilling system (SVR) is a fast, safe and efficient way to refill vehicles. The SVR system automatically fills a vehicle to the optimal level and without supervision from the operator. SVR removes the risks associated with under or over filling and prevents spillage.

IDENTIC’s spill-free refilling solution requires hardware to be mounted on the vehicle and in the tank. Visible on the outside of the vehicle is the integrated spill-free coupling and ventilation valve. Inside the tank a level sensors is installed which controls the process and ensures the tank is always filled to the correct level. A bottom filling pipe eliminates splashing, turbulence and incorrect nozzle shutoffs, especially for tanks with complex shapes.

IDENTIC SVR systems support a wide range of fuels and additives including Diesel, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Methanol and AdBlue.

Finding the Right Components and Verifying the Solution

Variations in vehicle types and tank geometries means the exact components, dimensions and ideal placement of the components varies. Our vehicle systems engineers will assist you with component selection and verification or the implementation of any necessary adaptions.

We can help you with the complete design process. We have a library of CAD files which we can share – or if you prefer – we can add the necessary components to your drawings and BOM lists before they are finalised.

Once the first vehicle is ready for testing, we can assist you with testing and verification of the IDENTIC systems to ensure everything is correct.

Vehicle Identification

IDENTIC uses automatic vehicle identification systems to automate access control, authorisation before refilling and vehicle location within the depot area. The system includes stationary hardware in the depot, vehicle mounted hardware and a cloud-based software and web-based user interface.

The main vehicle mounted hardware is usually mounted at the front of the vehicle in the roof. The unit identifies the vehicle and transfers the mileage/km reading for tracking distance travelled, fuel consumption statistics or planning vehicle services.

Contact us for more information about AVI solutions from IDENTIC and which solution best suits your fleet operation.

Product Development

When it comes to vehicle systems, we already have a vast array of components developed for varying vehicle models and makes, but if your vehicle design requires new or adapted components, we can develop them based one your specific requirements.

Additionally, IDENTIC undertakes custom development projects for new fuels and new markets. Contact us for more information.

Certifications & Approvals

As a supplier to the vehicle industry, our products comply to a variety of certifications and approvals These include:

  • CE approval
  • Automotive ECE E-Marking
  • UN/ECE Flame retardant requirements

Contact our Vehicle Systems specialists if you have questions about certifications and approvals or any additional or specific requirements.

Logistics & Order Planning

To simplify your supply chain operations, we can manage logistics and order planning for all the components we supply to you. This includes keeping stock of both current components and replacement components here in our warehouse.

We can accommodate scheduled orders, kits as well as custom packaging and shipping requirements around the world. Contact our order administrator for more information.


Vehicle Systems

Order Administration

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